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You Can’t be in Several Places at Once… or Can You?

Thu, 02/28/2019

There are many reasons we decided to develop a digital hazard assessment app.  If you read our previous blogs and continue to follow our posts, you will surely become familiar with them and why going digital is integral to a strong Safety Culture and continued and growing success.  However, of the many roles we knew a solution like this would benefit, we thought of no one more than the Site Safety Supervisor or Site Foreman.

As our background as an organization is deeply entrenched in safety expertise, we made our bones in the field, with those who conduct the work.  We are uniquely familiar with the environments and workflows field workers interact with.  For this reason, we know the common pain points that exist in this space.

One of the key concerns that drove our app’s development was something we heard time and again from Supervisors tasked with oversight of safety – “How am I supposed to extend our Safety Culture into the field when I am just one person and can’t be everywhere at once?”

This is a disconcerting notion.  After all, leadership presence is absolutely necessary in grooming and continually improving Safety Culture.  Leadership commitment to Safety Culture has become a mandate under ISO 45001.  But, how can you prove that you are comprehensively committing to safety if you can always be there to shepherd it.  Certainly, building a good team around you that has bought in to the company Safety Culture is a must – but even your greatest safety champions need to feel that their dedication and loyalty to the cause is of value.

When you feel like you’re being pulled apart, trying to stoke the fire from one worksite to the next, it can feel like you’re fighting a losing battle.  Paperwork is piling up back on your desk, and as much rushing around as you do, it still feels like the workers aren’t receiving the attention they need to feel encouraged.

Our organization has heard this story from Supervisors, no matter the industry, over and over.  We decided enough is enough.  Those conducting work and those overseeing it have been left high and dry too long.

The hazard assessment app we have created allows those providing oversight and managing multiple projects to comprehensively and consistently extend both themselves and their organizational Safety Culture out into the variety of field settings within their purview, without necessitating their actual physical presence at each worksite.  Not only that, it sweeps away that stack of paper on their desk – which, so often, keeps Supervisors from getting out into the field in the first place.

How does a digital solution do this?  Digitizing your safety hazard assessments with an innovation like the SayleSafety App does the following:

  • Digitally controls all hazard assessment documents.
  • Allows real-time interaction between field workers and Supervisors.
  • Augments in-the-field situational awareness.
  • Prompts users on the core values and safe work procedures of the organization.

More and more, workers need interaction and feedback.  If you, as a Supervisor, are attempting to provide your workforce with comprehensive "back-and-forth" through a paper-based process and your physical presence (at many locations), you will be doomed to chase your tail – all the while, not achieving your intended outcome.

Digitize now so you can stay on top of the paper pile, instead of being buried in it.  Free yourself up so you can get into the field more, while still staying in touch with all worksites and projects.