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SayleSafety App

Put a digital safety coach in the palm of every team member.

One of the best means to reduce workplace incidents and injuries is an effective job safety analysis (JSA) Risk Assessment discussion. Safety briefing, Task Risk Assessment (TRA), Last Minute Risk Assessment (LMRA) and Toolbox Talks are other common names for this critically important discussion of workplace hazards and controls, which are conducted among work crews at the jobsite, prior to commencing work.

Sayle Safety App
The Challenge

Paper based safety systems are outdated and inefficient in many industries.

Paper based reporting tools like Job Site Analysis (JSA), Toolbox Talks, Task Risk Assessments (TRA) can result in problems like:

  • poor due diligence records - not user friendly
  • typos and illegible hand writing
  • lost paperwork - bulky binders
  • difficult post incident investigation - no pictures
  • extra effort to input hand notes into spreadsheets
  • poor database analytics - hard to share info

Even when you do take all of the steps to ensure your paper documents are well-controlled, they still face the potential of being misplaced or damaged - which could spell disaster on a legal scale if you ever needed to draw on them down the road

Sayle Safety App
The Solution

Turn your paper based process into a digital, completelymobile, reporting system

The SayleSafety App allows employees and managers to create, distribute, edit and sign-off safety risk assessments on any mobile device, tablet or computer.

Not only that, the SayleSafety App puts a digital safety coach in the palm of every single team member. By implementing this App, Management can feel confident with this extension of their strong Safety Culture and due diligence.

Sayle Safety App
The Result

Online safety certification courses from the workplace safety experts.

By drawing on our decades-long OHS subject matter expertise, the SayleSafety App stimulates thought in the field and promotes constructive discussion among work crews - the very thing hazard assessments are meant to achieve.

SayleSafety App will rejuvenate and refresh the way industries approach hazard assessment in the workplace - so everyone can go to work, do their job well and get home safe.

This is the sign of a strong Safety Culture.