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SayleGroup CEO Embarks on Country-Wide Cannabis & Workplace Safety Speaking Tour

Wed, 09/05/2018

SayleGroup CEO, Stephen Sayle, was interviewed by AllNovaScotia on September 4th, just prior to boarding his plane to Toronto - where he will be kicking off his country-wide speaking engagements on the topic of Off-Duty Cannabis Use and Workplace Safety.

During these presentations, Stephen will be discussing the importance of education and its role in ensuring worker competence, employer due diligence and the safety and well-being of all personnel post-legalization.

There are plenty of resources to draw upon regarding the legal and scientific side of this topic - and organizations most certainly should educate themselves on those aspects as well. However, there are very few resources that educate from a safety perspective. All the fewer that do so in an easy-to-understand, clear manner. For more information on a resource that proves competence and has been approved by the Canadian Police Knowledge Network, click here.