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BCIP Contract Award SayleSafety App

Sayle Safety Inc awarded 300th contract under the Build in Canada Innovation Program

Tue, 05/15/2018

We are incredibly proud that our hard work building safer working environments has been recognized by this tremendous program. We are excited about the opportunity for our company and for our valued and trusted partners. It's hard to sum things up better than our CEO Stephen Sayle did in his speech this morning. Please find links to the Government of Canada Press Release below, as well as a link to our SayleSafety App.

May 15, 2018
BCIP Contract Award Speech – Stephen Sayle

Good morning everyone.  Thank you for taking the time to show support for the Entrepreneurial Spirit.  Our Vision and Belief is that "Everyone can go to work, do their job well and get home safe".

Seasoned veterans are retiring from the workforce, while young eager workers are coming in.  Like an hour-glass, we must retain SME and pass it down to our tech-savvy youth.  Our Mission is to digitize safety programs, and revolutionize them for the next generation. The vast majority of site safety is paper-based. Paperwork is inefficient, often gets damaged or lost, and makes sharing best practices very difficult.

I have worked in high risk jobs in dangerous areas around the world. I started my career as a light commercial diver here in Atlantic Canada – then lived and worked in over a dozen countries.  BUT being an Entrepreneur is the scariest job I've ever had. It is a roller coaster journey with many sleepless nights wondering if you are on the right path.

In 2017 we won the Halifax Chamber of Commerce New Business of the Year, and then the Atlantic Canada Aerospace & Defence Association Most Promising Start-up.  These awards validated our Safety Culture Works Program, and gave us the courage to invest further in developing our cutting edge safety solutions. 

One of the toughest aspects of growing a business is developing new products to take to market.  Often the hardest hurdle is the final testing, tweaking and launching of the product.  The Built in Canada Innovation Program focusses on this very challenging stage – and helps take great Canadian inventions to market. This contract award propels our Safety App commercialization effort.

At many points you think about giving up – you have to muster your strength and pivot.  One such time was during our prototyping phase in 2016.  We needed to put more investment into our idea, or mothball it.

One of our early local field testers, Highland Geomatics, asked us to please not turn off our Prototype – their workers used our App to replace their paper safety checklists.  It was at that moment we decided to persevere – we added functions like GPS, photos, weather data and more safety hazards and controls. Our App covers your OHS due diligence and provides a virtual safety coach in the palm of your hand. It identifies hazards in the field and shares best practices between all personnel.

The SayleSafety App promotes discussions of hazards among work crews – the very thing risk assessments are meant to achieve. It is user-friendly, customizable and allows data analytics to help companies improve their safety programs.

In fact, organizations with the greatest interest in our App are those with already strong Safety Cultures as they focus on innovative options for Continuous Improvement.  We are now thrilled to be working with NSCC and Halifax Port Authority in this next phase of our Safety Culture Works movement!

A strong safety culture results in strong businesses, great jobs and a growing economy. In fact, this week we are recruiting two new full time jobs into our local business.

I want to thank our team, including our development partners here at SEG, Howard Thaw and Roddis Communications.  A special thanks to the BCIP, ACOA, NSBI, our First Nations partners, and all our clients.

All injuries are preventable.  To see how, please visit our brand-new website at: www.safetycultureworks.com

Thank you again, and please remember...
Everyone wants to go to work, do their job well and get home safe!

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