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R.J. MacIsaac Construction Ltd. / SBM Offshore

  • In 2017, SayleGroup was contacted by R.J. MacIsaac Construction Ltd. (RJMI) to conduct a site safety assessment of its marine and vessel deconstruction and demolition operations.
  • Upon producing a final report based on field surveys, personnel interviews and management consultation, SayleGroup revamped and re-established the RJMI QHSSE Management System, bringing it to a world-class level (e.g., 9001, 18001, 45001).
  • In 2020, in partnership with SayleGroup, RJMI won an international tender from SBM Offshore for the decommissioning of the Deep Panuke offshore platform in Nova Scotia (SayleGroup as QHSE lead).
  • SayleGroup provided extensive marine project expertise from the proposal through to project award, taking the lead on project planning, regulatory liaison and approval / permitting processes, site QHSE plan development, and marine OHS.
  • SayleGroup will complete several deliverables over the project life cycle to ensure adherence to marine requirements, including QHSE systems, risk assessments (including digital via our Inspectify digital field inspection and assessment platform), site and vessel assessments, Simultaneous Operations (SIMOPS) studies, management consultation, and site safety support.

Visit https://inspectify.ca for more information on our intuitive digital field inspection and assessment platform.