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The Power of Real-Time Hazard Assessment Review

Fri, 11/30/2018

At SayleSafety Inc., one of our business lines is health and safety consulting – so we are very familiar with the real-world use of paper hazard assessments.  We’ve seen a diverse array of hazard assessment templates – some more detailed than others – but all in paper.  You will not find a greater advocate for the opportunity in-field hazard assessments represent.  It’s our belief that the hazard assessment process, if its potential is realized, can have an extremely positive impact on an organization – including, but not limited to:

  • Reduced incidents and injuries.
  • Increased profitability.
  • Improved efficiency.
  • Elevated morale.
  • Streamlined communication throughout the various levels of the organization.
  • Increased and continually growing buy-in to organization Safety Culture.

However, almost none of us are benefiting in the above ways because the hazard assessment process has been inextricably bound to the limited capacity of paper.

Of the many pitfalls stemming from paper hazard assessments, the single greatest may be its inability to influence robust lines of safety communication.  This is quite a slight against a process intended to stimulate discussion related to safety – but it’s true.  We’ve seen it with our own eyes and heard tell of it from clients, time and time again.  How can the hazard assessment paper process be managed effectively when completed reports are covered with gear in the back of pick-up trucks, thrown on cluttered dashboards, piled in gloveboxes or, worst of all, not completed at all?  The answer is obvious – we can’t.  At least, not in an optimized way.

It is for this reason why the SayleSafety App allows organizations to take a quantum leap forward.  Using the App to conduct your hazard assessments will immediately cut out the paper aspect – which, in itself, is a major improvement.  But more than that, you will begin to be able to milk hazard assessments for all the value their worth, because of the social connectivity modern technology affords.  Instead of a foreman completing their hazard assessment, throwing it on their truck dashboard, and maybe remembering to fax it back to their supervisor at the end of the day, they can, instead, submit it to that supervisor or anyone else they wish, with just a few taps of the screen.  And, conversely, the supervisor – who is attempting to keep oversight on several different projects in several different locations by making phone call after phone call from one foreman to the next – just has to login into the App and see all of the hazard assessments coming into his App dashboard, in real-time.

Gone are the days when hazard assessments arrive on a supervisor’s desk after the work has already been completed.  By then, any opportunity for reviewing the feedback and potentially making the job safer is long gone.  Now, because the SayleSafety App does all the leg work for you, and you don’t need to track down hazard assessments, the review process can happen much quicker and the level of safety for the task at hand can be elevated.

Instead of waiting for stacks of paper to land on your desk, have your team’s input from the field to your hand in seconds.  Ensure your safety is shaped by people, with the SayleSafety App.