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From Policy to Process: Is There a Disconnect When it Comes to Training?

Thu, 04/25/2019

In many organizations, the first thing that a newly hired employee must accomplish is the mandatory onboarding program. Sometimes this consists of basic powerpoint slides highlighting the company's history and purpose, but most often, a company will place a stack of policies and handbooks in front of the employee to read and sign in 30 minutes before jumping right in.

The reality is this: Most employees are not going to read through all of these documents. In the event that they do (which may be frowned upon because time is money, right?), they won't be able to retain all of the information.

As employers, why do we do this? To tick boxes - because we have to. Employees must be aware of the nature of the workplace and their job. Getting their signature without spending hours doing so has become commonplace. In theory, it proves employee understanding and employer due diligence. In reality, how can we be sure that they are competent?

Merely skimming over and signing policies does not prove understanding, and there is a disconnect between dense documentation and the potential and actual hazards faced by workers in the field - and how they handle them. Do not underestimate the importance of your policies, however. They are still important, but there needs to be a better connection between paper and process.

One way to improve your onboarding / refresher program is to provide workers with practical knowledge on their OHS rights and responsibilities, as well as identifying and addressing workplace hazards.

The Safety Culture 100 online course is a great way to achieve this goal. This program has complemented numerous onboarding / refresher programs across Canada - in all industries. It is a sure-fire way to engage your workforce and ensure competency, complete with a quiz and 2-year certificate.

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