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Police Chiefs Taking Cannabis Legalization & Workplace Safety Education Seriously

Thu, 08/16/2018

Come October 17th, the policing agencies across Canada will be responsible for enforcing the laws and regulations binding the legalization of recreational cannabis use. Saying that preparing their public facing personnel for this change is quite a task is a significant understatement. However, the police chiefs have made it clear that practical "in-the-field" training isn't their only focus when it comes to education.

Just like all organizations in any industry, they are also assessing this issue and what is required from an employer's perspective. After all, in order for police officers to protect the public, they must first be protected within their own workplaces. Police agencies will not be immune to the potential workplace hazards resulting from cannabis impairment. So, the police chiefs are making it clear that their mandate is not only to train their officers and staff to safely address in-the-field impairment situations, but workplace impairment as well.

The police are setting the precedent for all workplaces in all industries that education is a critical component in ensuring that your workforce is empowered through knowledge and are able to competently assess and address the potential workplace hazards resulting from off-duty recreational-use cannabis.

For more information on the approach the police are taking, click here. And, for educational resources on the subject of cannabis legalization and workplace safety, click here.