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A Picture Tells A Thousand Words

Tue, 02/05/2019

Industry is currently working at a huge and unnecessary disadvantage when reviewing their safety hazard assessments – there’s little or no visual information.  All they have to rely on when attempting to paint a picture of the work environment in their minds are the brief jot notes and hurried checkmarks of field workers.  In this day and age, no one should be forced to use their imagination to understand the comings and goings of a worksite.  Not when everyone has a tiny camera capable of producing high resolution images in the palm of their hand.

We see it all too often in the safety world – people being forced to envision the worksite from memory.  Imagine, for instance, that an organization is faced with the regrettable circumstance of having to conduct an incident investigation.  We have seen, first-hand, the lengths people must go to in order to stage how the scene looked prior to the incident.  In some situations, those who were present onsite on the day of the incident set up props from memory to mock-up a representation of how the site looked, demonstrating the relative position of objects.  Another approach is to have someone sketch out the way the site looked.  Both methods are far less reliable a resource than if pictures were taken of the site prior to the work starting and prior to the incident occurring.

Imagine the power of having photos attached to your hazard assessment that you can refer to, should an incident occur.  Whether you are attempting to identify potential root causes or constructing a “lessons learned” presentation, photos can’t misremember.  They will tell a true story of everything pictured within the frame.

With the SayleSafety App, you can combine both words and images to tell the most comprehensive narrative, all within one report.  Don't shorthand your workforce or your due diligence by ignoring the advent of photo capability.  Capitalize on the opportunity to see what your worksites look like with your own eyes.