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Official Release of the SayleSafety Hazard Assessment App

Wed, 11/21/2018

For a solid decade or more, no matter the industry, we have been moving away from paper processes.  The push to go paperless was spurred on by the environmental movement.  And while reducing waste is certainly a noble effort that should be commended – organizations didn’t continue on the paperless path simply because of its virtue.  They found that whatever process they were replacing with a digital solution was made more efficient, effective and comprehensive by making use of technology.

Unfortunately, the safety side of industry has lagged behind in going paperless.  In many of our processes, we are still bound to paper and pen – and all of the downfalls that come with their use.  The truth is, this is no one’s fault but our own – the safety industry itself.  So often, we preach the importance of continuous improvement, so we may stave off complacency.  Yet, we continue to expect a high standard of safety to be driven by inadaptable and undynamic black and white checkboxes on a sheet of paper.  How can we expect our workforces to be driven toward and obsessed with safety when the resources we provide them with to plan out their well-being are dull, uninspiring and unimaginative?

That’s why we’ve decided to do something about it.  SayleSafety have created a solution that will bring your hazard assessments into the modern era.  Once you’ve digitized your safety, paper hazard assessments will seem like hieroglyphic hand paintings.  Ten years from now, new hires won’t believe you when you show them how hazard assessments used to be done.

A new age of safety has dawned, where hazard assessments will be more comprehensive in how they evaluate risk, where photo functionality will paint a truer picture of the work environment, where supervisors will not be left to wonder on the quality of assessments being done – or if they are being done at all, where accessing previous assessment reports for lessons learned or incident investigations is as simple as a couple clicks, and, most importantly, where safety is shaped by people – with the SayleSafety App.

To see how you can future-proof your safety and empower your people to protect themselves, click here to request a demo of the SayleSafety App.