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Not Sure if That Hazard Assessment was Completed? Stop Wondering…

Tue, 03/05/2019

As a Site Safety Supervisor, you can’t physically be at every worksite under your authority at once.  However, it is important to stay on top of the latest developments and changes each site is dealing with.  That’s one of the great purposes field level hazard assessments provide – their ability to convey what tasks are occurring on each site, what hazards those tasks present and what controls will be implemented to protect people during work execution.  The only problem is if those field level hazard assessments are paper-based.  If so, they can’t do much with regard to informing the Site Safety Supervisor of the comings and goings for each site.

Once paper hazard assessments are completed, they usually end up on a vehicle dashboard – to be faxed back to the Supervisor’s office later.  However, by the time a copy arrives in the Supervisor’s hands, any chance of receiving insight or feedback from them (which could help improve the safety approach) is lost.  Also, in the interim, as the work is occurring, the Supervisor is usually somewhere worrying whether an assessment for the task was done at all.

From our experience in the field, we have seen many instances where assessment sheets are filled out once the work has been completed – just to check-off regulatory requirements.  This is a playing with fire scenario.  It is human nature to find loop holes to get things done quicker.  If only there were a solution that could prevent this from occurring…  If only there were a method for ensuring hazard assessments were done before the task…  If only there were something that could connect work crew to Supervisor in real-time so work could be optimized for a high-level of safety performance…  If only there were an anecdote that could alleviate Supervisors’ anxiety over whether something important was done…  Say “if only” no more.

Using a digital solution like the SayleSafety App allows you to check-up on the progress of your work crews, all from the screen on your smartphone or laptop.  Since everything is tracked digitally in real-time, Supervisors will be able to see exactly when hazard assessments were submitted, to ensure they are being completed before the task begins.  Not only that, they will be able to review the integrity of the feedback coming from the field, to ensure worksite risks are being comprehensively assessed.

This antiquated issue of wondering whether a work crew has done their hazard assessment or neglected it is no longer acceptable.  Supervisors can’t allow themselves to continue operating in the dark – hoping, with fingers crossed, that workers are doing the right thing.  It’s akin to seeing a hazard in the field and, instead of putting a control in place to prevent it from causing an incident, allowing it to sit there – wishing that nothing bad will come of it.

Since you don’t have to anymore, stop operating in the blind.  And, while you’re at it, why not implement something that not only confirms that jobs are being assessed and progressing as they should, but also socially connects you to your workers, amplifies their situational awareness and eliminates that unnecessary stack of paper-based hazard assessments on your desk.  It can all be done, with the SayleSafety App.