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I.H. Mathers & Son Limited

I.H. Mathers & Son Limited wanted to ensure they were both aware of and compliant with all regulatory requirements applicable to their business. SayleGroup drew on its depth of knowledge regarding regulatory compliance and created checklists (provincial, federal and international) from which I.H. Mathers could easily reference the catalogue of regulations specifically applicable to their operations. Following from the checklist, SayleGroup then revamped I.H. Mathers existing Regulatory Compliance Component document – refreshing it, making it more applicable and robust. I.H. Mathers then expressed interest in having their entire HSSE Management System revamped, so it would read as clearly as the newly revamped Regulatory Compliance Component. SayleGroup integrated all existing content and introduced new Element and SWP documents that would strengthen the continuity of the overall HSSE Management System. SayleGroup also provided onsite training for auditing a site for compliance against a specific standard.