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If You Plan to Go Digital, There’s Really Only Two Purpose-Built Options

Thu, 03/21/2019

There are many apps currently on the market that intend to provide clients with a digital solution for replacing their paper processes.  However, the vast majority try to do too much – making them a jack of all trades, but a master of none.  If you’re looking for a one-stop shopping enterprise-encompassing solution, there are plenty of options.  I’d suggest you rethink your approach though – you might end of wasting your time and money.

What you really want for your in-the-field assessments or inspections is a purpose-built solution that accomplishes the intended process smoothly and easily.  Anything above and beyond just that creates clutter that confuses the user or gets in their way.

When it comes to purpose-built apps that serve as a solution to the problem of paper-based inspections and assessments, there are only two players that have focused their products in this very specific manner – iAuditor and the SayleSafety App.

Both solutions are available for use on smartphones and desktops.  Both offer easy to use workflows.  Both generate exportable reports.  And, both allow you to transition your paper inspections and assessments into the future.  But how are they different?  Let’s look at the features for each.


  • Form Creation and Customization:
    • iAuditor allows the user to build forms for inspections and assessments quickly and easily.  You can covert existing paper forms into a digital medium, create content for new inspections or draw upon pre-built assessments and inspections from the template library.
  • Inspections:
    • Completed inspections are always accessible, no matter the time or location.  Users can enter feedback, capture photos and geolocate their position.
  • Workflow:
    • The approach for inspections and assessments can be completely customized to their preference and operations.
  • Data Analytics:
    • iAuditor allows users to track performance, by generating dashboards that provide trends of your choice.
  • Integrations:
    • The iAuditor app is capable of plugging into a bevy of other programs, which allows information to be easily shared and exported.

iAuditor was the first solution in this space and, as such, have had the time to identify what the market wants and needs.  Their offering is comprehensive without being overbearing.  They have not made the mistake that many have made of trying to do too much.  They provide what is needed and they do it well.

SayleSafety App:

  • Photo Capture:
    • A quantum leap over paper assessments – you can now take photos of your findings in the field and have them visually indicated on your report.  This improves understanding of conditions and allows for more comprehensive incident investigation.
  • Real-Time Interaction:
    • Ensuring assessments and inspections can be seen by multiple people, in differing locations in real-time is imperative to optimize the potential returns (including the well-being of your people).
  • Easy Access:
    • Users can quickly and easily access whatever reference material they need with just a couple taps of the screen.
  • Customizability:
    • With the SayleSafety App, users will be able to accurately document the changing (and, at times, unforeseen) conditions of their workplace.
  • Format Familiarity and User-Friendly:
    • Implementing your processes digitally with the SayleSafety App in a user-friendly format that makes the user feel comfortable will improve engagement when conducting assessments and inspections.

The SayleSafety App was developed by in-the-field subject matter experts who saw the dire need for a digital solution, intent on responding to the pain that paper-based processes create.  The App allows personnel to seamlessly transition from paper to digital platform with ease and optimizes the potential of assessments and inspections.

Both iAuditor and the SayleSafety App provide their own approach to digitizing field assessments.  Either solution will allow the user to squeeze the potential benefits from their existing processes.  Whatever solution you choose, make sure it is one that is purpose-built for the process you want to improve – not a catch-all that covers many things, but nothing in detail.