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Put a digital safety coach in the palm of every team member.

Providing a digital and mobile paperless reporting system with easy access to create, distribute, edit, and sign off on any mobile device, tablet, or computer.

Safety shaped by people.

Digital Workplace Safety App

Paper is the past – digitizing safety is the best method to reduce risks.

Customizable Workplace Safety Apps

Safety should be shaped by people. The SayleSafety App is a digital hazard assessment tool that is easy to customize and allows for real-time interaction that unlocks and combines the collective knowledge of your workforce – empowering your organization to prevent incidents and downtime.

The SayleSafety App’s intuitive design allows anyone, from safety veterans to young workers – early in their career – to use it intelligently and to great effect.

  • Instant access to every hazard assessment ever completed.
  • Real-time review, before work starts.
  • Company branding and content quickly and easily customizable to your organization.
  • Future-proofing your safety expertise – transitioning the knowledge to the next generation in a format they relate to.

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Sayle Safety App
Don’t let paper become your most critical risk.

Move beyond the physical limitations of paper and bring your hazard assessment process into the digital age with the SayleSafety App.

  • Allow real-time interaction between supervisors and workers – extending oversight.
  • Decrease liability stemming from paper.
  • Eliminate duplication of effort by securely housing all inputs in a cloud-based system, which can be exported to PDF.
Sayle Safety App
Continuously improve with credible information.

Digitizing your assessment process will ensure your people always have the latest and greatest guidance in their hands.

  • Empower your workforce by having the most up to date and comprehensive information.
  • Provide trustworthy reporting.
  • Expedite access to previous reports.
Sayle Safety App
Extending your Safety Culture into the field.

Easily roll-out the most user-friendly, customizable resource available to maximize opportunities for improving safety and protecting the well-being of the workforce.

  • Improve safety performance.
  • Ensure your requirement to reduce risk to as low as reasonably practicable.
  • Advance your assessment process with photo capability.

Ensure your safety is shaped by people, with the SayleSafety App.


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  • Put a digital safety coach in the palm of every team member.
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Unlimited data input    |    Instant notification of completed assessments    |    Manage your own library of assessment templates and categories    |    Management of user permissions    |    Customizable branding within the app    |    Creation of customized location dropdowns to streamline inputs    |    Access to previous assessments in perpetuity    |    Easily searchable reports    |    Unlimited sign-offs on each assessment    |    Customize your risk matrix tool with a touch    |    Export reports to PDF for quick sharing

Access to iOS, Android, and desktop platforms