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Continuing the Conversation on Cannabis Legalization: Edibles

Thu, 04/04/2019

On October 17, 2018, Canada legalized recreational-use cannabis in the form of marijuana. Now, the Canadian Government is poised to legalize cannabis in the form of edibles, come October 17, 2019.

What could this potentially mean for businesses? New users may be a likely outcome, yet again.

Prior to the the 2018 legalization, approximately 68% of Canadians believed cannabis ought to be legalized. Naturally, many individuals would be reluctant to smoke marijuana, simply because the action of smoking is undesirable to them - whether it be due to health concerns or ease-of-use.

With the future introduction of legal edibles, there may very well be an influx of new users, which might include those reluctant folks or current users who are looking to have new experiences.

Whatever the reason, workplace safety implications still exist. Some organizations were proactive the first time around by providing workplace education, revising policies and ensuring their due diligence. Those who were reactive to situations that arose or failed to act, now have another opportunity as legalization is once again at the forefront.

The Safety Culture: Reasonable Suspicion, Cannabis & Workplace Safety online course, available in English and French, helps to ensure educating your entire workforce on this important and growing topic is easy and supports due diligence, despite the method of consumption. Provide your people with the tools to document Reasonable Suspicion in the workplace. Rest assured knowing that several associations, municipalities and businesses in all industries across Canada have been implementing and endorsing this learning initiative since 2017.

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