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Complete Inspections on Your Phone

Tue, 03/19/2019

Whatever kind of inspections you do, there’s no longer a need to do them in paper.  Not only is paper a pain because it produces something physical that must be managed, it also doesn’t allow workers to tap into any of the technological advancements in mobile devices we’ve made over the last two decades.

Maintaining a forklift?  Conducting a vehicle walkaround inspection?  Reviewing a piece of equipment before or after use?  Analyzing a job task?  Investigating a non-conformance?  Examining damaged infrastructure?  You can certainly accomplish any of these things on paper – but why would you when you can accomplish the same thing, except in a much simpler way?

Creating any form template is very easy to do in smartphone apps now.  As soon as you have the content in the software, you can use the touch screen to complete the very same inspection you used to conduct on paper – without having to awkwardly carry a clipboard around.

What’s more, when you complete your inspection digitally, you don’t need to worry about storing paper away until you get a chance to fax a copy over to the office.  Nor will someone need to duplicate efforts by copying someone’s messy scrawl over into a digital spreadsheet – all the information will already be safely and securely stored on an easy to access cloud server.

But digitizing your inspections will allow to do so much more than just eliminating unnecessary paper waste.  You’ll have the common functionality of all smartphones now at your fingertips, allowing you to bring those inspection reports into the 21st century.  The following are just a few of the ways in which your inspections will improve by digitizing them:

Photo Functionality: You no longer need to imagine conditions that you’re reading from a written description on a piece of paper – you can see them.  The power of being able to see the nature of what is being inspected, instead of just interpreting words, is extremely powerful.

Real-Time Interaction: Why wait when you don’t have to?  Why get it later when you can get it now?  Socially connected technology allows us to interact immediately.  Instead of reviewing a paper assessment or inspection a week after the work has been completed, you can review it digitally the moment it gets submitted – before the task being described is conducted.

Interactive User Interface: A paper form can only contain so much information and it cannot be customized on the fly – disallowing the author from reacting to their observations.  Conducting your inspection digitally does not lock you into a particular workflow.  Because digital solutions allow for easy adaptation and customization, the workflow you deploy can grow with your inspection process.

Stop wondering if inspections are being done or if your organization is deriving any good from them.  Digitize your paper process so you can easily stay on top of all inspections and assessments – all in the palm of your hand.