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Cannabis & Workplace Safety Course Now Available in French

Mon, 02/25/2019

As the legalization of cannabis was a country-wide mandate, we felt beholden to provide our renowned course in both official languages.  Having translated our educational content to accommodate French-speaking Canadians, we now feel confident in saying that our course is the premiere resource on the topic in the safety space.

Our course has been taken on by organizations and associations from coast to coast.  However, until now, it was only available in English.  We are very proud to say that the course is now truly accessible across Canada – with the addition of a French option.

No matter what province you work in, it is imperative that you ensure your workforce is well-educated on this issue and its potential impact on workplace safety.  The nation-wide legalization of cannabis is a new reality and you must ensure you are taking a proactive approach to the societal changes to protect yourself, your coworkers and the continued success of your business.

Furthermore, the nature of this legalization will continue to evolve as time passes.  For example, in the not so distant future, edibles will be legalized – which will introduce a whole new set of concerns for the workplace.  To prove that you do not intend to become a victim of incidents resulting from off-duty cannabis use, you must ensure you implement several layers of protection within your workplace – starting with education.

Whether you speak English or French, enrich your knowledge so you can prevent unnecessary incidents from occurring.  There is no need for your workplace to be negatively impacted by legalization.