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Educate your workforce on Cannabis (marijuana) and workplace safety.

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Our online course is the most efficient and established resource for employers to educate their workforce across Canada on cannabis and workplace safety.


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Cannabis Legalization & Workplace Safety
The legalization of recreational use cannabis will affect all workplaces - even those with zero-tolerance policies.


The legal shift with cannabis (marijuana) will be difficult for some companies, but it doesn't have to be.


Get ahead of the workplace issues associated with marijuana, by enrolling in our Safety Culture 900 Series: Cannabis Legalization & Workplace Safety Online Training Course, completed with the certificate to ensure OHS due diligence.

"I already have a zero-tolerance policy so I'm covered."
  • Employers have the right to enforce zero-tolerance policies against impairment in the workplace; however
  • It will be legal to use cannabis off-duty. Residual THC is an issue.
"Cannabis is the same as alcohol so I don't need to worry."
  • Cannabis stays in a person's system much longer than alcohol and a precise measurement or timely testing method for determining impairment by cannabis is still being studied.
"I don't have to accommodate for something that poses a safety risk."
  • Any substance or form of impairment can cause a safety risk.
  • Employers are obligated to accommodate for disabilities (including addiction), but must also ensure the health and safety of everyone at the workplace.
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Our Cannabis Legalization & Workplace Safety Online Training Course includes four 6-7 minute modules, printable FAQ, quiz and 2-year certificate.

Online Training Modules Include:

  •  Cannabis Use & Workplace Safety Considerations
  •  Workplace Responsibilities: Rights, Obligations & Accommodation
  •  Identifying & Addressing: Physical Safety & Mental Health Hazards
  •  Marijuana & Workplace Safety Best Practices
  •  Cause for Reasonable Suspicion

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Personal opinions on legalization do not matter when it comes to workplace safety.

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