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Educate your workforce on Cannabis (marijuana) and workplace safety.

Canada's leading online Cannabis and workplace safety course.

Our online course is the most efficient and established resource for employers to educate their workforce across Canada on cannabis and workplace safety.


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Cannabis Workplace Training Course

The use of recreational off-duty cannabis affects all workplaces - even those with zero-tolerance policies.


How will you educate your workforce?


Providing education on cannabis and workplace safety is the best way to ensure worker competence and employer due diligence. This course is the credible and preferred resource.

Know your workplace.
  • Define what positions are safety-sensitive and decision-critical. Know where your risks reside, regarding workplace impairment, by identifying the areas, tasks and personnel that have the greatest impact on safety.
Ensure a robust Policy.
  • Ensure your Fitness for Duty Policy does not cite cannabis as an illicit substance and that the information provided within the document outlines the expectations regarding conduct in the workplace.
  • This step cannot be overstated. Don't just transmit information, but transfer understanding. Ensuring proof of competence is key in supporting all efforts taken to people your people and maintain business continuity.
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Our Off-Duty Cannabis Use & Workplace Safety Online Course includes five nano-learning modules, printable FAQ, quiz and 2-year certificate.

Training Modules Include:

  •  Cannabis Use & Workplace Safety Considerations
  •  Workplace Responsibilities: Rights, Obligations & Accommodation
  •  Identifying & Addressing: Physical Safety & Mental Health Hazards
  •  Cannabis & Workplace Safety Best Practices
  •  Cause for Reasonable Suspicion

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Personal opinions on cannabis use do not matter when it comes to workplace safety and business continuity. An educated workforce is your greatest asset.

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