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Safety Culture Works Program

Everyone wants to go to work, do their job well and get home safe.
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A complete approach to Safety Culture

The Safety Culture Works Program combines world-class QHSE consulting and cutting-edge safety solutions through online learning and results-driven safety apps.

Our Program is designed to support your organization in creating, developing or improving Safety Culture. Using the appropriate tools and services, we help clients and partners identify and build the capabilities essential to their operational excellence.

How we help your Safety Culture

SayleSafety App

SayleSafety App

Put a digital safety coach in the palm of every team member.

The SayleSafety App allows the user to photograph, assess and control hazards on any device, tablet or computer. By implementing this app, management can feel confident with the extension of their strong Safety Culture and due diligence.

E-Learning Certification

Our online suite of courses is designed to continuously improve Safety Culture and ensure due diligence.

Through positive beliefs, attitudes and practices, Safety Culture online training allows you to make the right decisions for the right reasons, every time.

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QHSE Consulting

We help identify and build the capabilities essential to your operational excellence.

We help you identify and address the QHSE risks at all levels, including Corporate, Project, Process and Task. We work with your team to develop customized integrated management systems.

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