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SayleGroup Continues its Presentation Tour on Cannabis & Workplace Safety

Mon, 10/29/2018

Anixter is yet another company that has join the list of security (along with many other industry) organizations and associations that have opted to be proactive on the issue of off-duty recreational cannabis use and workplace safety.  There are many questions that continue to be discussed by all stakeholders on the matter.  However, the one thing they all agree upon is that education is key.

As an employer, you must demonstrate that you are doing everything reasonable to protect your people and the continuity of your business during this cultural transition.  We will continue to learn new things as each day goes by.  But, just because we don't know everything right now, doesn't give us the excuse to not know anything.  Do not ignore this issue - it is here to stay.  Educate your people so they can feel as knowledgeable as possible, and so you can feel you are doing right by them.